A Brickell Eye Balm Review: Why Is This Men’s Cream So Popular?

There are many brands and top advertisements for women’s skincare and anti-ageing solutions.

However, they are not the only gender looking for some help.

Brickell eye balm reviewMen’s anti-ageing products are sometimes overlooked, even though men also want to reduce lines and imperfections.

So what is the best eye cream for wrinkles and brown circles for these men? Is it possible to find a solution for both issues?

That is where this Brickell eye balm review comes in. Just why is this such a popular, alternative solution to this signs of ageing?

In this Brickell eye cream review we will take a closer look at this balm to see why it is so popular with men. What is it about the formula and method that are so beneficial and make this a contender for best under eye cream for men?

We will take a look at the purpose of this cream, and the exact problems targeted. We will also discuss the ingredients used to create this effect.

Then we will look at the pros and cons, as mentioned by users in their own testimonials.

By the end, you should have a better idea why this is such a popular choice with older men.

Who are Brickell and why do they think they have the best eye cream for men?

Before we take a look at the purpose and ingredients of this Brickell eye balm, we need to take a closer look at Brickell themselves.

Brickell is a brand growing in breadth and popularity. They are committed to providing natural products with effective results for men’s skincare. They now operate successfully in more than 20 countries, many of which have featured them in top magazines.

This men’s under eye cream is part of a wider range of products designed to target major skin issues in men. This is a welcome twist on anti-ageing solutions, and one that many users recommend.
best eye cream for men brickell

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So what is it about this Brickell eye cream that makes it so appealing to users?

A lot of the initial appeal comes down to that clean branding, the aim of the product line and the promise of a natural, well-made formula.

The main aim with this product is to reduce the impact of the following: eye bags dark circles, and wrinkles around the eyes. It claims to be for men of any age, but the results seem to be best with those in their late thirties and forties.

There is a no-thrills approach to the branding and packing too. No overblown sales pitches, just clear claims of a reliable performance.

This multi-purpose formula is important for many that don’t want to spend too much time dealing with too many different products.

  • This is a balm meant to do it all with one simple application.
  • This is perfect for men that want a hassle-free addition to their morning regime.

The first factor is the wrinkles. Fine lines around the eye are one of the clearest giveaways of age. A simple balm with the right ingredient can hold back those wrinkles.

This product is partly sold as the best anti wrinkle cream for men’s eyes because of its work on fine lines in this area. The ingredients work to smooth out the area in a minimal time frame.

best anti wrinkle cream for men's eyes However, there are also those that purchase this because of its role as a men’s dark circle eye cream.

It isn’t just about the firmness of the skin around the eyes, it is also about the tone.

Dark circles aren’t always a sign of age. There is also a risk with poor sleep habits. Therefore, there is some appeal here to younger men that struggle with their work-life balance.

This quick balm should work faster at eliminating this dark tone than some other facial treatments.

The impact of this Brickell balm comes down to the clever use of natural ingredients

The ingredients of this men’s under eye cream are quite impressive.

All of the components here are included to offer the most effective solution possible. There is a host of interesting natural ingredients here including aloe, protein peptides, MSM, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and green tea.

The small dose of caffeine is ideal for bringing down those puffy eye bags. The MSM, found in kale, helps with pigmentation issues. The peptides include Matrixyl 3000, which boost collagen to reduce wrinkles.

This simple, natural formula still offers the hydrators needed for effective wrinkle reduction.

There is also the fact that this men’s dark circle eye cream is also completely safe and almost 100% natural. This is important when choosing a daily product used so close to the eyes.

It should be noted that they can only claim themselves to be 97.5% natural and 70% organic with their ingredients here. This is still impressive, and at least they are honest.

Buyers can still rest assured that there are no nasty extras like sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances.

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What do users think about this Brickell eye cream? Would they say it is the best under eye cream for men’s dark circles and wrinkles?

best under eye cream for mens dark circlesTo understand the effect of this natural solution, we need to take a look at some Brickell eye balm reviews from real users.

There are lots of positive comments and 5 star reviews from people that appreciate the quality of this cream. They feel this is the best cream for dark circles for men because of the feel and consistency of the balm.

There is the promise on the sales pitches of “fast-absorbing, lightweight” balm, and this seems to be the case.

Users say that it sinks in really fast, isn’t greasy and they only need a small amount. This tiny pea-sized amount also means that this balm lasts a long time, making it even more cost-effective. It also happens to be unscented, so men can use this very discretely.

There are also plenty of people that celebrate this eye cream for men because of the speed and effect it has on their ageing problems.

Ask users for a Brickell eye balm before and after and there are some interesting responses.

The results vary between users but there are plenty of people that are impressed with the speed.

Some say that they see results in as little as 3 to 4 days. Those results can be quite dramatic and many would not stop using this balm once they start.

There are even those that claim that they can feel it working on their skin, although this could be an exaggeration.

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Are there any problems with this bags under eyes men cream?

However, there is a small minority that would disagree with the notion that this is the best cream for wrinkles around eyes.

There are some that used this men’s eye bag cream and did not see the results that they expected at all.

There really is a strong divide between the vast majority that rate this as a 5 star eye balm, and those that hate it. Opinion here is always going to differ depending on the current appearance of the wrinkles and pigmentation.

There is also the issue where some users set their expectations far too high. Older men with severe wrinkles and dark spots won’t see these signs of age disappear overnight. There may be some slight improvement in a couple of weeks. However, many will have given up by then and dismissed the product altogether.

brickell eye cream for men testimonials“The Caffeine in Brickell Eye Balm is ideal for bringing down puffy eye bags” – (Get it Here)

The pros and cons of this Brickell wrinkle and dark circle balm

There are some clear factors to keep in mind here when deciding whether or not to choose this product. The pros do outweigh the cons. Yet, nobody should expect a perfect experience.


  1. a non-greasy, scentless balm that is easy to use
  2. long-lasting for a cost-effective solution
  3. a great ingredient list with effective components that tackle all advertised issues
  4. the potential for fast results on some signs of ageing and pigmentation issues


  1.  it won’t work for everyone, especially those with more severe problems
  2.  it isn’t 100% natural or organic – although some may be lead to believe that it is.

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best eye cream for men bags under eyes
What’s the best eye cream for men? Is this Brickell eye balm still in the running with all this feedback in mind?

There is no doubt that the vast majority of users would label this as the best anti wrinkle eye cream that they have tried so far.

The feel and quality of the balm is great, with attention to the consistency and speed of the ingredients. There are also plenty of reports of great results.

However, the negative reports cannot be overlooked, and some will feel cheated by the ideas of a purely natural and organic product.

It is therefore the final verdict of this Brickell eye balm review that this is worth a shot for middle-aged men dealing with eye bags, dark circles and fine lines around the eye.

Results will vary, and not all users will get the look they want. Yet, the ease of use and safe formula means that there is nothing to risk in trying it out.